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Multi-Assets Investment Capabilities

Our core investment unit devoted to meet and fulfill our clients needs wherever they are

SAM multi-assets teams are entrusted with the task of providing our clients investment solutions that invest in global markets to search for enhanced diversification and better returns, while always meeting specific country needs and requirements. These teams are part of a functional unit known as Global Multi-Asset Solutions (GMAS), deployed globally and led from our London hub. The GMAS teams are organized under 3 key global functions:


Our GMAS teams focus on adding alpha across multi-assets portfolios through the creation of a systematic and repeatable Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) process. Our Quantitative Investment Solutions group deploys uncorrelated return streams, either developed internally or sourced from third parties.

The quantitative research process relies on the following 5 principles:

  • Objectivity

    Decide on facts, not theory

  • Robustness

    Test hypotheses and value simplicity over complexity

  • Open-mindedness

    Engage in perpetual change

  • Innovation

    Hold healthy skepticism on conventional wisdom

  • Clarity

    Set unambiguous goals Research process

Regarding the deployment of uncorrelated return streams, our Quantitative Investment Solutions Group design and contribute to our GMAS Product Suite across the SAM Platform through value-adding investment possibilities, like:

  • New sources of return streams, like smart beta & risk premia strategies
  • Innovative outcome-oriented solutions, like absolute returns strategies
  • Risk mitigation strategies that allow optimized risk-return clients' portfolios
  • Add new sources of alpha to portfolios through a specialized selection of alternative products