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Santander GO partnerships

Best in class managers access major asset classes targeting our clients’ needs 

Santander GO stands for "Global Opportunities".  It is a collection of products managed by external Investment manager through a partnership agreement. These firms were selected on the basis of their performance and its consistency over time, and their recognition within the asset management industry, particularly as concerns their operational and control capabilities. Santander Asset Management has tailored its products to the customers' profile and have control over the risks of each vehicle.

This initiative has the aim of enhancing our value proposition, offering our clients the best products, through an efficient combination of internal and external capabilities.

Our core Global Opportunities range:

Managed by Amundi

Santander GO Absolute Return

Seeks to achieve positive returns independent of market direction over a market cycle.

Managed by PIMCO

Santander GO Dynamic Bond

Seeks returns by flexibly allocating across a diversified blend of global fixed income risk premia.

Managed by Boston Partners (Robeco)

Santander GO Global Equity ESG

A diversified portfolio (~90 holdings) with all capitalization flexibility that invests high quality companies with solid ESG/SRI standards.

Managed by Morgan Stanley

Santander GO North American Equity

A concentrated high conviction portfolio (30-45 holdings) that invests in high quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages

Managed by JP Morgan

Santander GO Short Duration Dollar

Seeks to provide incremental returns in excess of US money market funds with low volatility.

*The Products described may not be eligible for sale or distribution in certain jurisdictions or to certain categories or types of investors. Click on your country to see our range of products. Go to Our locations >