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Flexible strategies

A broad range of different investment solutions adapted to our clients’ needs


Risk profiled solutions

SAM’s risk profiled solutions combine:

  • A systematic investment-making tactical asset allocation process unifying the talent into one global multi-asset team.

  • A broad investment universe to provide flexibility and diversification between asset classes, duration and credit risk exposure, geographies and sectors.

  • Freedom to invest directly or indirectly through selected etf’s and funds based on a proprietary investment due diligence process with both a quantitative and qualitative approach.

  • A comprehensive value proposition for clients in terms of investment choices and risk adjusted returns.

Flexible solutions

Risk-based investment model philosophy with an active and flexible tactical asset allocation, aiming for capital preservation on the mid-term.

Flexible allocations and active management of almost all the asset classes, investment styles and markets including traditional and alternative investments. The management team seek to control maximum risk of the portfolio though returns can show higher tracking error than traditional balanced funds. 

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