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Today's society faces challenges such as population ageing, expanding urbanization, and supplying food and drinking water to a growing world population. These challenges represent investment opportunities through companies around the world that are building the society of the future.

Santander Prosperity is a global, multi-sector equity fund with a focus on long-term growth and profitability themes that contribute to improvingour well-being as a society.



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Find out our annual report of Santander Prosperity. This edition we will delve into one of its three investment thematic: Education & Financial inlcusion.

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Health & Well-Being

Health & Well-Being

An increasingly long-lived population, technological progress and the need to provide quality medicine at reasonable costs are some of the reasons behind the revolution in the healthcare sector and the rise of companies dedicated to ensuring health and well-being.

9.9% estimated annual growth of the well-being economy through 2025.

Global Wellness Institute

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Population growth and climate change are affecting both the demand for food and our capacity to produce it. The food industry as a whole needs to be transformed to meet growing production needs sustainably.

70% Estimated growth in demand for food through 2050.

Oliver Wyman

Education and Financial inclusion

Eduation & Financial inclusion

A growing middle class and accelerating technology during the pandemic have catalyzed an industry that is not only growing, but evolving. This is also one of the topics most directly related to the SDGs, as it has a greater social focus.

29% Coursera, the online learning platform, enrolled 20 million new students in 2021, reaching a total of 92 million students (+29% yoy)


Santander will contribute to the Global Fund an amount equivalent to 15% of the fund's management fee, which will be used on the ground to provide life-saving health services to the most vulnerable communities in Latin America.



Putting sustainability at the centre

ESG is not only a range of investment; it is at the heart of our business, since we really believe we have a role in creating positive impact in the World.

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