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Our vision

Your truly global partner to shape a better future

Our aim is to be the best-in-class investment solution provider in Europe and the Americas by building long-term relationships with our clients.

We are a global asset manager with extensive local knowledge in Europe and Latin America, working as a single firm in 10 major markets and with 50 years of experience. We are a fund manager that combines the best of complementary worlds, technology and expertise, to provide optimal solutions for our clients.

We deliver a simple, innovative and transparent service with a sole objective: offer our clients a comprehensive range of products with the right balance between risk and return. We combine fundamental bottom-up research with rigorous risk management in order to produce returns (alpha) in our investment portfolios.

Why choose Santander Asset Management

From a local focus, to a global perspective

Local teams use their in-depth client knowledge to uncover new opportunities that enhance our offering. Our presence in 11 markets in Europe and Latin America provides us with a unique global perspective.

From simple solutions, to sophisticated opportunities

Listening to our clients is key to understand how their needs evolve. From plain vanilla solutions to sophisticated opportunities, we offer you a comprehensive range of investment solutions.

From risk control, to performance excellence

As much as performance is key, risk control is also a priority. Whether you are an institution or an individual client, we adhere to a strict risk control process in order to protect and enhance the value of your portfolio.

From you, to the world

At the heart of the company is our commitment to create a positive impact in the communities we work. Our teams, products and processes have been prepared to work and understand SRI, making sure we apply the right criteria when choosing assets for our portfolios.