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Who we are

Our leadership team is made up of banking industry experts. Working together worldwide, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for our clients.

  • mariano-belinky

    Mariano Belinky

    Global CEO

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  • antonio-faz

    Antonio Faz

    General Counsel

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  • carlos-díaz-núñez

    Carlos Díaz Núñez

    Global Head of Retail Products & Customer Solutions

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  • cristina-serrano

    Cristina Serrano

    Global Head of Institutional Business

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  • diego-reija-ruiz

    Diego Reija

    Global Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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  • emilio-garcia-de-la-sierra

    Emilio García de la Sierra

    Global Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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  • guillermo-veiga-melhem

    Guillermo Veiga Melhem

    Global Head of Technology & Operations

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  • jacobo-ortega

    Jacobo Ortega

    Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Europe

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  • jesus-ruiz

    Jesús Ruiz

    Global Chief Risk and Compliance Officer (CRO)

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  • josé-mazoy

    José Mazoy

    Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

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  • kent-peterson

    Kent Peterson

    Global Head of GMAS

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  • lázaro-de-lázaro

    Lázaro de Lázaro

    Global Head of European Business

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  • Luis García-Izquierdo Ruiz

    Global Head of Latam Business

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