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Latam strategies

Delivering the best of our capabilities in the Region across different assets classes


Latin American Corporate Bond

The strategy invests mainly in USD corporate debt of Latin American companies across the rating spectrum, with the ability to invest in public debt and local currencies with a bottom-up strategy based on a solid investment process. Santander large local presence in the region is at the heart of this strategy. A management team based in London, composed of specialists in corporate credit, rates and currencies. It is supported by >15 investment professionals (equity & macro analysts) with local presence in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina organised by sectors across Latin American countries, allowing to make an assessment and judgment on how we compare one company bond to another in the same industry to ensure we pick the best bonds for our portfolios.


Latin American Equity Opportunities

A uniquely integrated team targeting Latin American equities, with the common objective of greater alpha generation for our shareholders. ~30 fully dedicated investment professionals leverage on the local alpha capabilities and expertise of specialized local teams in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Those unmatched resources on the ground are combined with global expertise.  Long term oriented fundamental approach anchors local alpha performance which is optimized into a single strategy to provide consistent and disciplined fundamental approach to stock selection in Latin American Markets focusing on companies which combine an attractive  valuation and asymmetric return profile.

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