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European strategies

Extensive experience and expertise across a broad range of assets, combined with a strong risk management processes


Covered Bond

Flexible low duration covered strategy that provides investors with investment growth in the short to medium term. Euro Covered bonds are the safest bank asset classes, with low risk and high ratings, offering dual recourse (cover pool and issuer), excluded from Bail-In by the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) and highly supervised by the regulators. It can also invest in corporate and/or government bonds for an additional pick up in yield. 

Euro Equities

Leveraging on the deep knowledge of companies and their corporate, organizational and business structures thanks to the privileged access of our analysts to the leadership teams of the companies under management, the strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of equity securities of European issuers, mainly belonging to the group of countries of the Eurozone.

Driven by a bottom-up stock selection process based on fundamental analysis, it invests on a diversified equity portfolio (~50 holdings) with a flexible style not driven by any particular bias (value or growth).


Spanish Small Caps 

Pioneering strategy that invests in small and medium-sized Spanish companies, with proven returns in both absolute and relative terms.

It is focussed on investments in companies that are leading the way in its businesses, with strong competitive advantages, low valuation ratios and sound and healthy balance sheets.

Professional management. Extensive experience managing small and mid caps, with extensive knowledge of the Spanish small and medium-sized enterprises industry.

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