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Santander Assets Management Santander Assets Management



About Santander Asset Management

We are an international asset manager with strong local roots in Europe and Latin America. With presence in 11 countries, we have assets of more than €200 billion* working for institutional clients, individual clients, and intermediaries such as Santander banks in all geographies. Our knowledge in Latin America makes us real experts on the region, allowing us to provide you with unique opportunities to invest.

Our philosophy is to manage our investments to capture maximum upside but also downside protection. We offer a comprehensive range of investment solutions, from investment funds to illiquid assets, to provide right answers to your needs.

Facts & Figures*

  • 49

    Years in the industry 

  • 11


  • 175

    €Bn. Assets under Management

  • 775

    Professionals Worlwide

Your truly global partner


Multi-local approach based on a deep local knowledge combined with a true global strategy.

A complete range of solutions

Through innovative solutions, we provide long-term value for our customers.

Putting sustainability at the centre

ESG is not only a range of investment; it is at the heart of our business, since we really believe we have a role in creating positive impact in the World.

*The above figures are internally sourced as at 30/06/2020