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Illiquid Alternatives

Our purpose is to provide investors with a range of superior relative value strategies

During last years and current months, there has been a clear outperformance of those strategies that have conducted a detailed credit fundamental analysis and a robust security package. Our private credit practice performs a thorough due diligence on every single asset or program to satisfy the highest level of scrutiny before committing to any transaction. We take advantage as well, of the know-how built within SAM to detect what industries will outperform the market as part of our top down approach.

Our purpose is to provide investors with a range of superior relative value strategies, where we have a clear advantage sourcing, analysing and monitoring the risk we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Why Santander Asset Management alternatives

Santander Group is a global leader in debt origination with a deep and unique Latin American footprint.

These capabilities allow SAM Alternatives to customise portfolios by sector and geographies to meet client needs.

Access to a wide range of financing structures and high quality assets.

We offer a range of illiquid strategies –Infrastructure debt, private debt, trade finance, real estate debt, real estate equity– managed by an outstanding team of more than 20 experienced and highly specialized professionals across Europe and Latin America.


Infrastructure Debt

Several strategies launched in Brazil and Europe offering access to a well-diversified portfolio of Infra & Energy assets worldwide, an asset class which is in the DNA of the Santander Group. Discover our new Alternative Leasing Fund >


Private Debt

Our extensive commercial network gives us access to a vast range of corporates and SMEs in LATAM and Europe where SAM can provide its investors with superior returns by having clear edge sourcing, analysing and monitoring diversified portfolios. Furthermore, we offer access to global Private Debt managers through our dedicated Fund of Funds.


Trade Finance

Thanks to our proximity to Banco Santander Trade Finance franchise, we are looking to transform an alternative asset into a mainstream investment. The short-term and self-liquidating nature of this asset class makes it an excellent alternative to manage short-term liquidity.  


Real Estate

We have already set-up our Real Estate franchise in LATAM with several vehicles launched or close to be launched in Brazil and Chile. Our strategy is based in offering our investors access to those sub-asset classes where we can excel and source high-quality investments.