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Noviembre 2021


Santander AM reorganises investment team its new 'One Investments'

Fuente: Funds People (Only available in Spanish)

Abril 2021

8 ABRIL 2021

Santander AM es la primera gestora española en adherirse al movimiento 'cero emisiones'

Fuente: Citywire

Agosto 2020

7 AGOSTO 2020

Santander’s Asset Manager Combining Offices as Par of Revamp

Fuente: Bloomberg

5 AGOSTO 2020

Santander AM signs the Principles for Responsible Investment supported by the United Nations

Fuente: Funds Society (Only available in Spanish)

Junio 2020

14 JUNIO 2020

Santander AM, the only Spanish among the 100 asset management companies with more AUMs worldwide

Fuente: Expansion (Only available in Spanish)

Marzo 2020

13 MARZO 2020

Article by Agustín Carles: Dólar-yen carry

Fuente: Funds people (Only available in Spanish)

9 MARZO 2020

Jacobo Ortega Vich: "Firms have to concentrate management capabilities and invest in niches where they can have potential"

Fuente: Funds people (Only available in Spanish)

Febrero 2020

13 FEBRERO 2020

Santander AM's straight-talking CEO targets industry shake up

Fuente: Citywire Selector

10 FEBRERO 2020

Santander fintech guru trades punk rock for funds

Fuente: Financial Times

1 FEBRERO 2020

The CNMV gives the green light for Santander to break the agreements with Allianz for 940 million

Fuente: Cinco Días (Only available in Spanish)

Enero 2020

29 ENERO 2020

Article by Alfredo Mordezki: Investment grade bonds will be the next risk-free assets of 2020

Fuente: Funds people (Only available in Spanish)

21 ENERO 2020

Article by Luciano Buyo: Solid balance sheets of companies to face 2020

Fuente: Funds people (Only available in Spanish)