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Santander Assets Management Santander Assets Management

Michael Grealy joined Santander Asset Management as global head of Human Resources in 2014.

Prior to joining SAM, Michael has experience as a business leader in Asset management and public company CHRO experience. Immediately prior to joining SAM he played a key leadership role in the turnaround of Aer Lingus plc. He served as the Chief Executive of Alternative Investments and Global Distribution at Bank of Ireland Asset Management from 2006 to 2009. Before BIAM, he was Group Head of HR at Bank of Ireland. In addition, he held senior HR roles in Seagate, BSA Corporation and Baxter Healthcare. Moreover, he is formerly Chairman of Guggenheim Investors, Iridian Corp and was Deputy Chairman at Paul Capital Partners.

Michael received a B.E (Hons) and MSc Management from Trinity College, Dublin. He holds a Diploma in finance from Northwestern University and completed the International Directors programme at INSEAD.


Michael Grealy
Global Head of HR